Looking for a way to help US Promote whale safe oceans?

StrikeMaps is in an exiting development and launch stage.  We need your help to establish the StrikeMaps Center.

All donations to StrikeMaps are fully tax deductible and are received through our partner the Great Whale Conservancy.

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Budget information

Year 1 – 2020 Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Mapping.

In 2020, StrikeMaps will focus on: 

•    Completing a strategic plan for Center development.


•    Producing at least two sets of digital maps that 

demonstrate the type and value of StrikeMaps work.


•    Fundraising needed to support developing StrikeMaps and establishing the 

Center, itself.


•    Fully defining the ship strike problem, StrikeMap's mission, and the center's structure and location, annual funding, partners, leadership, and staffing needs.


Estimated funding need -- $300,000.

Year 2 – 2021 Center Launch, Mapping & Policy Development, Fundraising.

In 2021, StrikeMaps will focus on: 

•    Implementing the strategic plan for Center development.


•    Improving map quality and ramping up map production.


•    Building relationships with stakeholders and producing strategic recommendations.


•    Hiring the StrikeMaps Executive Director, locating and equipping the center office, and continuing to fund raise and publicize the official launch of StrikeMaps.


Estimated funding need -- $500,000.

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