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StrikeMaps is an international center for whale ship strike prevention dedicated to establishing whale-safe shipping in order to help the world’s great whales recover toward pre-whaling populations.

Make the maps

The SrikeMaps team will pinpoint high risk areas for whales by creating global, real-time digital maps.

Find the gaps

We will identify areas where more scientific research is needed before solutions can be rendered.

Work with




StrikeMaps will use the maps to engage directly with stakeholders in each strike zone forming solutions that work for everyone involved.


Science based solutions



We aim to bring conservationists, marine biologists and industry together to develop solutions/strategies for separating whales from ships based on the specific characteristics of whale populations and shipping activity in each strike zone.

Our Partners

To address this growing and lethal problem of ship strikes on whales, the Great Whale Conservancy (GWC) and Blue Planet Strategies (BPS) are partnering to create Strike Maps, the first ever “Global Center for Ship Strike Prevention and Mapping.”

Blue Planet Strategies uses science, law, and the power of partnership to help our clients find strategic solutions that address the biggest threats to our world's oceans. www.blueplanetstrategy.org

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Great Whale Conservancy is dedicated to protecting the world’s great whales and their habitat, and returning global populations to their pre-whaling abundance, with a special focus on the blue whale. www.greatwhaleconservancy.org

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is the Founder and Executive Director of Great Whale Conservancy and brings over 25 years and 10,000 hours of fieldwork on the world's great whales to our team. Michael was a former top 50 in the world professional tennis player. He has worked tirelessly to save large whales all over the world, lectured at countless prominent venues, and been featured in many oceanic documentaries on the BBC, National Geographic and elsewhere.

Strike Maps Team

is a marine scientist, conservationist and co-founder of Blue Planet Strategies.  He has led over 600,000 people on whale watching tours on the Gulf of Maine and works to recover the North Atlantic right whale.  Zack has worked in ocean tourism and research around the world including in the Arctic and Antarctica.

is the creative director and media production manager for Great Whale Conservancy.  Delphi also participates in field research in the Sea of Cortez as a research assistant, drone pilot and media expert, spending hundreds of hours observing and documenting the largest animal on the planet, the endangered blue whale.

is co-founder of Blue Planet Strategies and a leading ocean law attorney and campaign strategist.  He has represented conservationists and fishermen in cases and campaigns that have protected thousands of square miles of ocean habitat, the marine forage base, and working waterfronts.



Additional Team members

is a past vice president and director of government affairs for the Marine Conservation Institute of Seattle, Washington. His portfolio included marine protected areas, US national marine sanctuaries, and marine mammal conservation. Prior to his marine work, Bill had extensive experience in land and wildlife conservation, including as a legislative representative with Nature Conservancy, director of conservation and VP for National Parks Conservation Association, and as a consultant. He served also as a legislative assistant to members of both the US Senate and House.

is StrikeMaps’ Chief Technology Officer.  He has over 30 years of experience in the software industry as an executive, investor and co-founder.  His experience includes leading teams developing consumer and business-to-business systems software applications.

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